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Disclaimer: I know tables are frowned upon for non-tabular data, but I’m going to retain the old layouts circa 2002 and save the fancy slide shows for the newer pages...who has time to go back and reformat?

Before I started working with the characters, I was a pirate at the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop. (Arrrgh, mate!) It’s a terrace of tropically themed merchandise, in addition to scallywag gear. I always had braided pigtails and a flowery headband along with my standard billowy blouse and bellbottoms. I guess the hair was pretty distinctive, because that’s how I got my nickname: every now and then, Peter Pan came to play in the area, and one day he christened me Tiger Lily.

a sweaty day at work

Here I am with a few other mates. L to R: Jenny, me, Jolanda, and Ilona. Jolanda and Ilona are from the Netherlands. They call me the Aloha pirate, and they gamely donned headbands for picture. Every once in a while I hear from them, and it makes me glad to know there are wonderful friendly, chill people on this earth! (I wonder if Amsterdam has anything to do with it...)

Going to your work area can be fun when you aren’t actually working: you see your friends, you know where the cool toys are, and you can leave when you want! This is Jane Ellen. We are keeping watch for...?

playing with telescopes

We had a massive cleanup effort in which we moved EVERYTHING from the open-air terrace into the little shop. Here, I am stranded in the midst of clothes racks and toy bins! The photo doesn’t convey the slightly claustrophobic feeling I had when I found myself locked in on all sides by plastic swords, toy guns, candy racks, fake skulls, those ridiculous light-up whirly things...I had to crawl over many things to get to clear floor space.

cleaning up the store

Peter Pan alights on the last float of the Magic Kingdom Share a Dream parade. He’s accompanied by a few members of the original gang on the float as well as a flood of characters in the street. Tinkerbell flits alongside all the floats, so fast you can’t see her — only a trail of sparkling pixie dust tells you she’s there!

Peter Pan

I certainly didn’t come to Disney World only to work. Fortunately, my roommates agree: they’re a fun bunch of girls who could definitely party up. Being rather tame myself, I didn’t always join in, but I had a rocking good time all the same =)

Taking a crack at trick photography: the balloon man was very obliging to have let me hold all his balloons. Up, up, and awayyyyyy! Wheeee! Thank you, Mr. Balloon Man! We are on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.

holding on to about 50 balloons

We had a lasagne dinner night with some neighbors. L to R: Brea, Pat, Blair, Sarah, me, John, Kara, Emily. The room looks a bit sparse here, but by the end of session our walls were very much personalized with posters enumerating our quirky traits and quotes.

Lasagne dinner

I forgot where we were going, but we decided to dress alike in red and black. L to R: me, Blair, Sarah, Emily, Brea.

a night with the girls, minus Kara

Emily does not like this picture. She decided to make an afternoon of pampering herself, and I was up for an experiment with haircolor (hers of course).

we are green monsters

Stephanie was my summer roommate (different groups for the summer and fall...because most people in the summer go back to school rather than slacking like me!). We goofed off like lab monkeys in a Ritalin clinical trial. Being klutzy (er, I more so), we nicknamed ourselves Gimp (Steph) and Gimp Jr.

ready for our closeup. don't blink, ok? ok
being goofy

The Genie is my favorite tall character! I want a giant lifesize genie of my own! Better than the FAO Schwarz bear. Poor Genie was beleaguered by the gazillion kids wanting autographs and pictures...like me. He paused his frantic carom to scribble a signature and flash his big blue grin. I love the Genie!

yay for the big blue guy
Mickey, Minnie, and I are graduates of the College Program

We had a farewell breakfast at the end of the program. I thought the caps and gowns were cute!

The Rockin Roller Coaster is the best ride on property. Fastpass is key! L to R, back to front: Bob, Greg, Kara, Brea, Blair, Sarah, me, Emily.

rockin rollercoaster
worldwide penguin
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