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Goofy, I know, but it works well here, doesn’t it?

Ok, so I spent all day trying to decide the best ways to sanitize user input, so that bots are less likely to succeed in posting to my database/guestbook and human spammers are less likely to want to try.

Hear me, spammers: you won’t get any help with your page ranking here.

I also took measures to prevent hijackers from using my forms to send their spam. It’s bad enough that someone could steal your bandwidth, but using your account to actually send spam? That’s low.

I don’t pretend to know all the latest and most sophisticated strategies for stopping these attacks altogether. I just figure that the really sophisticated hackers wouldn’t bother with my little site, and the novice spammers won’t waste their time if they can’t link through here.

And so, if you are a friend and not a spammer, I invite you to view my guestbook and fill out an entry!

Thanks for stopping by!

worldwide penguin
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