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a REAL autumn! this is my prime. i am september's child, retiring as the autumn bids, secretly longing to burst forth those last indian summer days. ripened i am, yet wistful i'll remain, for i must look to the coming winter. i cherish my own, myself, i hoard: this, the price, a sacrifice in attempt to guard

This page began because I just wanted to post this picture somewhere. We are at my cousins’ house in Connecticut. It’s about the last time I saw my brother before he outgrew me, sniffle. Good kid, how sad it is he has to grow.

see the ball?  it's that speck high in the trees above the third baseman

Hooray for panoramic shots! This is my brother Duy at bat. He’s the scrawny runt on the team but he runs fast.

My parents are good sports about waiting for us while we go on the rougher rides. They look like they’re having a good time on Big Thunder Mountain though.

I get my chicken side from Mom
lego my hat!

At a toy store: Disney magic is about feeling like a kid again, and one way to make that happen is to transform everyday objects to a fantastic scale. What kid doesn’t imagine a world of life-sized toys? Mr. Potato Head wants Duy’s baseball cap because his own little derby is lame.

Duy likes go-kart rides like this because he knows Mom and Dad probably won’t let him drive til he’s like, 25 or so. He’s actually really good at technical/mechanical stuff like that, building lego models or assembling gadgets.When he was very small, my mom let him sit on her lap and steer the car. Since then, my parents’ “Teenagers are irresponsible!” instinct has kicked in.

if she were in a real car, she'd probably tail-gate more

My mom drives go-karts about the same way she drives cars.

Mom’s catching a nap with the Lego man. They’re both waiting for their kids who are lost in the Lego store.

i remember when i had to wear these things!

This lady isn’t actually in our family, but she let me stay with her while I settled housing issues in Orlando. She’s wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress, albeit in rather untraditional colors. It’s more of a robe or uniform than a dress, with flowing slacks (the pink) underneath. Hmm, when I was little, I didn’t like to wear dresses, so I put on my pyjama pants underneath, and then kids tugged on the skirt and made fun of me! Maybe I was following the cultural model. Yeaaa, rationalizing my ignorance of social norms. Actually, I used to think I was half boy…that’s a whole nother story.

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