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i'm happy and i know it!

annie thinks i look like michelle tanner
who's there?

Duy might be embarassed by these, but oh well. I love my brother now that we’ve grown out of quarreling. He was an adorable baby, with huge black eyes and lonnng eyelashes. I used to make him cry and steal his special pillow because I whenever we fought, I was blamed. Now I try to get my parents to ease off on him about homework and stuff — they’re crazy people who worry too much. He’s a good kid, and he’s clever — he’ll turn out well.

i better get my wish

Downtown on Clematis Street (I think) are decorative fountains, where the class went for a field trip. This picture makes me miss sunny south FL.

Remember those days when we put bunny ears on each other for pictures?

There were consequences.

Now we’re both obnoxious.

WHAT do you want?

I was a defensive person from very young, about 4 months.

come out to play, woodland creatures!

I’ve also communed with the faeriefolk from very young. No one can find me under my mushroom!

I think this boy’s name is John. He was my neighbor. I played with the neighborhood kids even though I didn’t really speak English. One day, John and I saw a cat, and John said, “Look, a cat.” I understood him enough to argue (in my own language), “No, it’s a cat.” We disputed the matter until I lost my temper: I smacked him and definitively declared, “I SAID it’s a CAT!”

i'm ghostly 
white. maybe they didn't let me out often
worldwide penguin
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