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Prescott stuff that won’t fit anywhere else

This page was created to house the random creativity that I occasionally expend upon Prescott. He better appreciate it!

A montage of saves at an open hockey session

Prescott was so excited about his new goalie pads. These clips are from his second time testing out the new gear. Since I am always up for a creative adventure, I told him to pick out a soundtrack so I could try making a movie. Mac comes with iMovie, which allows you to edit and stitch together video clips, add transition and video effects, and add audio on up to two additional timelines. I am proud of the results! Considering that I’ve never done any video editing before (although I do program a bit in Flash), you can see how easy it is to use iMovie. (Prescott says I am the poster child for Macs, and Steve Jobs would be delighted.)


worldwide penguin
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