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Penn Med: Second Year

Second year of medical school was chaotic. In the first half, we dug into some of the toughest courses - Cardiology, Renal, and Pulm. I haven't liked pulm since 11th grade, renal came somewhat naturally to my chemistry-oriented brain, and cardiology reawakened the mathematical muse in me. So much, in fact, that I decided to change my PhD graduate group from Pharmacology (which had been a natural fit for my dual background in chemistry and neuroscience) to Bioengineering. Go Fluid Dynamics!

In the second half, I had some rough times on the family front. I began clinical rotations with the rest of my class, but things got sticky and I decided it was best to withdraw. I did some work in Susan Margulies's lab, which I really enjoyed. Basically, it entailed the development of image processing techniques to quantify the deep white matter of brain tissue. These techniques would then be applied in an animal model of rotational neck/brain injury.

So what did I do when I wasn't studying or working? Check out the photos and see =)

worldwide penguin
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