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Penn Med: Year Off

This pattern of taking off time from school is perhaps a bit worrisome. Meanwhile, though, I might as well enjoy the time =) Plenty of both working and playing went on.

I finally ventured into the world of lightbox. No more long pages of images like the old days.

Godspell at Bridge Players Theatre

These amazing photos were taken by Tess’s mom, Kelly. I picked out an assortment that somewhat narrates the sequence of events. (Of course, I was a little biased in picking more photos with me in them, too.) Some of the pictures also include the sign language interpreters, who performed at two of our eight runs. (See how sign language Jesus has the sign for “S” on his shirt, just as Jesus has the Superman logo?) Although we couldn’t tape the show, I did get Prescott to record a few clips.

worldwide penguin
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