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Comprising the majority of this site’s content, my photos are organized according to time frame. There were the Disney years, the Yale years, and now the Penn Med years. Sections of each are organized chronologically.

story of the moment

Way back when I thought multiple-types-of-fonts-and-even-more-variations-of-colors-all-on-a-single-page was a good idea, I began posting an online photo album. I’m not sure if things like flickr existed back then, but I’ve never been one to go for a simple blackbox solution if I couldn’t overcomplicate things by doing it myself. So began my foray into html, now transformed into an avid interest and a source of employment.

In continuing my online scrapbook tradition, I post stories with accompanying photos here.

I hope my kids will be as cute as this one is

I don’t have a story to this picture, I just love it!

my buddy Ingrid

I guess there’s not really a story to this photo. Ingrid and I had climbed a tree (surprise, surprise — if a structure looks climb-able, we’ll probably make an attempt). Here, we are taking pictures of each other taking pictures. I guess we’re more tame now in our old(er) age.

Ingrid is my buddy from college; she’s stood by me through all the worst crap in my life, and she’s never gotten tired of my bellyaching. She also has a natural proclivity toward silliness to match my own, and this is probably the fundamental reason we are friends. I flew out to Berkeley for a quick visit because she is going far far away soon. I hadn’t seen her for about three years, and I forgot how much fun it is just to bum around with her. I will miss her dearly. Or maybe I will just have to go to Germany to visit!

Santa, Prescott, and me in my Victorian garb
a holiday memory

To the right is a picture from my holiday seasonal job this past winter at Dickens Village, a holiday exhibit that tells the story of A Christmas Carol. I don’t have pictures of the Village because of copyright issues, but I do have this picture of Prescott and me in my Victorian garb, visiting with Santa (who waits at the very end of the tour through the Village). I played with the settings in Photoshop a bit to make us look old-timey. This was one of the more tame renderings - on others, I got carried away with all the cool stuff you can do =)

My favorite moment at the Village was when an Asian woman brought a young Asian boy, perhaps ten years old. The child rounded the corner, took one look at Santa and began to squeal bloody murder, trying to bury himself in the woman’s coat. She explained, “He just came from Vietnam.” She tried to calm him, speaking only in English. I thought this was a bit odd as I observed the child continuing to cry. So I thought, “What the heck, my Vietnamese sucks but maybe it will help.”

I knelt down and patted the bench besides Santa, telling the child not to be afraid, that Santa was very nice and that he brings presents for children. The woman brightened up, “Oh, you speak Vietnamese! I don’t.” I continued talking to the child, and though he would only look at me wonderingly and didn’t say a word, he did calm down and lose that fearful look. I told him to smile for his picture, and he gladly obliged. I told him to come back to visit and play again. At the end, he left a grinning happy child, and he even ran back to wave excitedly at Santa one last time.

The woman had said, “Lucky we found you!” and Santa said, “Well done.” But what I’ll remember most is the child who said nothing at all, just waving happily as he bid goodbye to Santa.

worldwide penguin
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