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procrastination and productivity

My initial interest in web design and development began with the aim of sharing photos from my adventures at DIsney World with friends far away. Once I realized that the web could be a limitless creative enterprise, I was hooked.

Never be afraid to

try something new.
Remember, amateurs built the ark.
Professionals built the Titanic.

– unknown

I’ve grown a lot since the old days of table-based layouts, frames, and funky fonts. Technologies and methods are ever evolving, and the best way to learn them, it seems, is to try it out for yourself. For that reason, this site nearly always has some component in a developmental stage. I am happy and proud to say that I have transformed my avid interest into a source of employment.

I invite you to learn along with me. In this section (and frequently in my blog), I catalog resources that are especially helpful if you are new to a topic. I also display news feeds on web design and development from various sources, and I myself frequently browse the page to see if anything innovative or nifty pops up. It might take a bit of time to load because there’s just so darn much =)

Finally, for your reference, I include my portfolio of some sites I’ve developed.

worldwide penguin
afghans for Afghans: Knit and crochet for displaced Afghan families. Click here to find out how you can help