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Winter/Spring 2003

life after the disney phase

…has really been much busier than what I have here, but I'm just less inclined to take pictures while I'm at school. It's a shame that I don't, really, because school pretty much runs my life right now…and I guess that's a shame too! What would I document on film though, maybe the crazy mess that takes over my desk each time I have serious work to do? I suppose that my memory of college will be one long study session. OH! Today I discovered the library (again) — online journals and Orbis and the stacks(!) and courtyards…I should visit more often. OK, enough babbling, on to the pictures! I can never capture the image or sensation that I want, but here's some anyway.

Washington, DC

sightseeing day 1: where else but the mall?

For spring break this year (which isn't over yet at this moment, whoo hoo!), I went to visit Amsalu, who lives in the DC area. Amsal also had another visiting friend, Mike. She and her family generously welcomed us both (yay Dabelas!), and we all did the tourist-with-insider-advantage deal for a few days. This is Amsal and me on the mall green between the Capitol and Washington Monument.

Amsal, Mike, and me in front of the Capitol, photo courtesy of Ellen!

night lights

The Korean Memorial has an array of soldier sculptures and a marble wall etched with scenes of soldiers, but at the head of the memorial was a fountain and this engraving.

yay for panoramic shots!

We were heading toward the Jefferson Memorial. On our way over we found a small memorial tucked along a hill, actually the side of an overpass i think. It was in honor of George Mason; I don't know who that was, but he was a sculpture seated on a bench and he looked so lonely and forlorn! What a shaft. Anyway, there were dead fish in the Tidal Basin! I wanted to take a picture of them but Amsal was rather disgusted and I guess I would have been too after a while. Note the helicopter — we saw one in front of the Pentagon that had just landed, so so cool. I'm a dork.

feels like the acropolis. aaack, pasty white arm!  need a tan!

Approaching the Lincoln Memorial gives me an odd feeling. I couldn't see anything beyond the hill and the memorial, the sky was calm and clear, and all was quiet and still (besides the rugrats in blue school uniforms) so I felt isolated, sort of as if I were from an alien place, approaching a shrine preserved from another time…eerie I tell you.

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New Haven

I think all Yalies would admit that good old NH is rather picturesque every once in a while. Unfortunately, my lame photography skills have yet to produce any shots that do justice to the reality of incredibly detailed architecture and sense of dignity it inspires.

this is the way i walk to class

This is the way I walk to school. To the right of this sidewalk is the New Haven Green, to the left is Old Campus. The walk is nice in the morning, with the bells tolling and sunlight spreading across the world.

This is the way I walk home. It's the courtyard beside my apartment building (on the right). When it isn't covered in snow, the restaurant has outdoor seating. A bar/lounge called Bottega is on the left, I think it has festive multicolored lights year round =) My windows are in the lower segment of the far left arch facade (? forgot my art terms, so sad).

on my way home
aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! grrr

Stitch thinks he owns my desk. I wait a bit for his temper tantrum to pass and then I kick him out of the way.

the little blue monster

Stitch also thinks he owns my bed. I let him stay as long as he keeps guard over it. The animals down below prefer the futon. Sometimes I'm tempted to sleep there too. I almost fell off the side last night while climbing up because I worked out (yay!) and I'm out of shape (not yay) so my entire body is sore (ow). My balance and coordination suck anyway (pathetic).

a hollow haunted manor

Neither rain nor wind, neither slippery ice nor two-foot drifts of snow will keep the diligent pre-med from trekking up Science Hill to Sterling Chemistry Laboratory. It looks forboding, and there's machinery somewhere in the area that sounds like turbines whirring far away. When no one's around I feel like I'm caught in a scene from Langoliers and the time rip is coming to get me. Aaaaaahhhhh!

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Winter break

pretty Christmas tree

Over winter break, I went to visit some friends in Orlando because three weeks in a row is too long to stay with my crazy family. Of course I missed my friends too. Andrea, Kara, and I stayed at the Boardwalk Resort for kicks. On our way to see Aida, we stopped in the lobby for this picture. The show was the highlight of winter break, superfantabulous! "Strongest Suit" is my song, yea guys? I'd rock out any time, any where…as long as no one's watching =)

winter afternoon

…and back home to CT I go. I love the light at dusk, I do. But I still have trouble reconciling myself to sunsets at four o'clock in the afternoon (what IS that??). This is a view of our neighborhood (back home in northern CT, not New Haven), the freshly fallen blanket of white not yet trampled by obnoxious little brothers who are such sorry snow shovelers you'd rather do it yourself than endure the pain of watching them try.

worldwide penguin
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