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heading for icky weather, boo med school apps

I've been running around for MD-PhD interviews and otherwise occupied by lab or class (fun fun fun), so i haven't developed pictures for a lonnnnng time.

chemistry girls

Ingrid is now a biotech slave in Cambridge. The most valuable lesson she's learned so far is that ignorance = exculpation. (I could have told her that.) She and her colleague Kelly came to visit. Catherine and Wei joined us for dinner, and then we goofed around over homemade dessert.

happiness is good food and good friends does the self-timer work?

In Denver with APO

A group of us went to the national convention…I can't say precisely what our nominal purpose there was, but we had a rockin good time. We occupied ourselves with, among other goodies, Texas Hold'em, glow sticks, rubber duckies, etc. We also learned perhaps too much about each other...L to R: me, Madame President Vicky, Jason (whose fruit petname will forever remain blackmail collateral), sassy Andrea with her hot-mama hair, Nick with ADD being mesmerized by the lights, and our kickass frosh Jodi, who can work wonders with a flatiron.

over here, Nick

A lot of group bonding took place over various good eats and beverages. Adam, an APO staffer in the Northeast region, and Joanna, Yale's APO adviser, kicked back a few as well.

photo photo photo
rosy-cheeked and nippy-nosed

Jodi and I went skiing together, in part because she rules the slopes and I am an uncoordinated Floridian. Since I read the map incorrectly, I missed the bunny slopes, and my first run ever was quite the adventure: I wobbled and tumbled and almost hollered for the first aid people with the snowmobile to pleeeeease take me down, but the latter half was actually quite pleasant. But oh, my heart pounded all the way up on that ski lift.

watch me take your moneyvanna white i am not
we're petty thieves and proud of it

Whodathunk, Jason is frosh counselor by day, mad slick poker player by night. Left, signs we ganked from the doors of another chapter's hotel rooms: they say "Harvard of the Midwest" at the bottom, so of course we couldn't allow them. Above, we made our own sign from the dry erase board handed out at the convention.

Banquet night: Jason the Eagle Scout can tie not only fancy knots but ties as well. Right: it appears I'm seizing the photo distraction as an opportunity to snag some more appetizers.

awwww cute
i just wanted to throw in another picture of me in my blue dress because i love it

what else is there to eat?
nick prolly hates me for encouraging this photoheyyyy

I was egging on Nick about taking a pic with this girl, like "Come on Nick, put your arm around her!" because they had an awkward moment as a result of a drinking game. Ahhh, drinking games with strangers. 'Tis why I stay sober. Jodi, little frosh though she is, can hold her liquor quite well, thankyouverymuch.

my name is big fizzboop boop be doo!

I don't remember the names of the people on the left, but I included them because of an incident involving the middle character: he made fun of me repeatedly, so after throwing Chex at him to no avail, I very calmly stood up on my bed on the far side of the room, stepped across onto the other bed, pointed to the door, and threw him out. On the right, a side of Vicky rarely seen: sass!

worldwide penguin
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