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dying of senioritis (which, i feel, should be called seniorosis, as i am not inflamed)

Throughout this semester I've been asking myself, “Why did I double major again?” and “Why am I taking linear algebra theory?” Wei, Ingrid, and I found fun distractions on a much-needed vacation. (We are tame on the scale of wild college spring breakers.)


College degrees and silliness are not mutually exclusive:

Wei, Ingrid, and I headed to Florida for a week of sun and fun! I finally visited PBG after spending several years away. I found a lot changed, but the sabal palms, the Spanish tile, the colorful landscape, and the laidback feel are still the same. Here I am (in my Old Navy Kids sundress that I got for $15--I shop with the ferocity of a soccer mom on stimulants...or like Martha Stewart maybe) at Juno Beach, which is <15 min from my old house. See the pier and the pretty water!!

i'm a badass, yeaaaa

i'm not listening to you
it's frickin cold, and that crazy canadian's swimming my baywatch moment, thanks ingrid =) so refreshing! why isn't anyone else in the water?

We stayed in Boca Raton less than a mile from the beach. I think the water’s not as pretty as in Jupiter or Juno, but certainly it will do =) What to do on a beach but soak up sun, play in the water, and people-watch? Just don’t forget the sunscreen, lest you become a lobster like me.


Left: See our shadows? We’re somewhere between PowerPuff Girls and Charlie's Angels.
Below: We’re like neapolitan ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, (burnt) strawberry.


is this what Tokyo looks like?

note size of spoon



A good vacation includes good eats, and we three petites eat a disproportionately large quantity. Above: Mmmmm Cheesecake Factory! Their warm familiar cozy lighting makes me think I smell cheesecake. At the Seminole Paradise Hard Rock Casino complex in Ft. Lauderdale, we had a late dinner at Tatu, a trendy sushi restaurant whose stylish mod interior kinda looks like a cruise ship. Goooood food. At the end, they give you green cotton candy! Our waiter looked a bit like Carson Daly, and he gave us a 2nd helping of cotton candy because we were so excited about the first one! We were very evidently Spring Breakers...at one of the dance club/bars there, the older people were mildly entertained by our footloose and fancy-free manner. I.e., we danced like crazy people.

i get the last bite! no, it's mine! uh, guys, i just ate it

good stuff, that mushroom appetizer

oof. too much

one more lap dance and we'll have enough $ to pay for our trip! j/k

how's this thing work?

duuude, it just ate my money!
today we learned that the difference between an OFFICIAL request and a suggestion is a $ tip!


We did spend a good deal of time shopping, as the weather decided to pour rain on us for a few days. We bought matching red sweatshirts and introduced ourselves as the Lucky Ducks Ping Pong team from China, on our US tour. At the casino, we were ID’d twice because we look like obnoxious juveniles. I unwittingly took some illegal pictures of Ingrid and Wei gambling at the slots before I was confronted by security. I made a couple of $$ from my $1 investment...I’m not a gambler. Another cool attraction was the dueling pianos bar, where these two musicians play and parody popular music by request. We were there pretty early and had the show to ourselves for a while. They played some songs from Canadian artists for Ingrid and some other oldies requests, upon which we were again teased for being young’uns. They were lots of fun, and at the end we left them a thank you with the note, “You're better than a lot of Canadians I know,” which they graciously acknowledged as “the highest compliment a musician can be paid,” or something like that. We played a bit by the alligator fountain, and Ingrid pretended to relieve herself by the water spouts.

quick, make like japanese tourists!

obnoxious, aren't we?
the Lucky Ducks Ping Pong team from China! thank you thank you

too much to drink
photoI underestimated my tolerance of UV and got a slight burn...I suppose I started out whiter than I’d ever been in my native Floridian past.photo
We're leavin' on a jet plane...awww so sad, time to go! Still goofing around with the camera.
...And the aftermath: back in New Haven at Thai Taste with Jenn for a last hurrah before classes start.
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